Lausanne / Switzerland

The ISU Council decided to move the ISU World Cup Speed Skating planned to be held in Chelyabinsk, Russia, on March 10-12, 2017 to another country and location which remains to be confirmed shortly.

The ISU Council considered that following the publication of the 2nd part of the McLaren report including a substantial amount of critical evidence and the uncertainty relating to the attendance of the Athletes, the focus of the Event would not be on the sport but rather accusations and controversies. The Chelyabinsk organizers were preparing the Event with their usual enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication. The above-mentioned circumstances would have made it impossible to truly appreciate their efforts.

The Council also took into account the IOC statement of December 7 and follow-up contacts with the IOC reiterating the IOC recommendation to all International Olympic Winter Sports Federations to freeze their preparations for major events in Russia, such as World Championships, World Cups or other major international competitions under their responsibility, and to actively look for alternative organizers.

The ISU Council concluded that during this difficult time and extraordinary circumstances it is prudent not to organize such an ISU Event in Russia at this time and therefore changed its previous position in this respect. As to the ISU Events planned to be held in Russia during the subsequent season 2017/18, the ISU Council decided to closely monitor the developments and review the allotments again in early 2017.