Lausanne, Switzerland

We are pleased to announce the third edition of the ISU Healthy Skater Seminar that shall take place during the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2020 in Montreal. The theme for this edition’s seminar is ‘The Role of Nutrition in Performance’ moderated by ISU Medical Commission Chair Dr Jane Moran and supported by the following speakers on their respective topics:

Growth and Development Nutrition

Dr. Alexia de Macar, Phd

Nutrition program and strategies for preventing extreme dieting and eating disorders

Susie Parker Simmons MS, MEd

Travel nutrition and nutrition needs for hosting events

Megan Chacosky MS, RD, CSSD

Relative Energy Deficiency Syndrome

Dr. Jane Moran BSc. PT, MD, FRCP (C), Dip Sports Med

To register, kindly fill in the Registration Form by March 16, 2020 and email the same to

nutrition seminar milano 2018

Not going to be in Montreal?

We’ve got you covered! No registrations required. The entire seminar shall be Livestreamed on the ISU YouTube Channel. Just subscribe to the channel & keep your notifications on!

Looking forward to maximum participation from the Coaches/Athlete Support staff/ medical personnel for an enlightening and enriching session!