Lausanne, Switzerland


The International Skating Union (ISU) is pleased to launch the Virtual Events Toolkit aimed at ISU Members and organizers who wish to host live and non live virtual events, meetings and seminars, practice sessions for Officials and to monitor Skaters for development purposes.

Available on the ISU eLearning platform as of today, the Toolkit is available for free and is a treasure chest of practical and easy-to-use ideas that can be used for hosting a variety of sessions. It is important to note that the virtual activities presented in the Toolkit are not intended to replace any high-end international competition nor any ISU sanctioned event. The biggest potential of these virtual tools relies in the development aspect of Skating around the world, especially to bring closer together the international community to learn from each other.

The essence of the toolkit is its versatility as it provides flexible ways for any group wishing to use the digital tools for producing interactive events, including ones that require a scoring system using the ISU Scale of Values.  The instructions in the Toolkit are divided into comprehensive sections with step-by-step procedures.  Several videos included in the Toolkit explain and illustrate specifically how to build an event. Moreover, although the majority of examples are from Figure Skating, the techniques can easily be adapted to Synchronized Skating, Short Track and Speed Skating.

The platform used in the toolkit is Zoom, which is accessible globally; however most of the instructions could apply to other online platforms with similar functionalities.

In addition, there are experts who can serve as guides for your own creations, should you wish to source some assistance along the way.  

For further information please contact the ISU Toolkit Administrator: