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This is #UpAgain, The Show available monthly on YouTube

The #UpAgain Show is a monthly show that airs on the Skating ISU YouTube Channel, hosted by TV Presenter, Elma Smit. She welcomes some of the world’s greatest ice-skating stars and deep dives into their extraordinary stories. These incredibly inspiring athletes share tips and take part in some fun games you don’t want to miss! They will also be putting you to the test, by throwing a few challenges your way.

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This is #UpAgain, A Documentary Series

This is #UpAgain, a documentary series gives fans a closer insight into the return of International Competitions. The four-part series give you exclusive behind the scenes access to what it felt like for the athletes to get back to competing on international ice, to train, relax and even get to socialise.

We must overcome life’s challenges to achieve our full potential.

upagain docu series 2021


upagain docu series 2021


upagain docu series 2021

Catch up with last season’s #UpAgain initiatives

#UpAgain, originally launched in November 2019, is an emotional and inspiring campaign based on one simple principle: we must overcome life’s challenges to achieve our full potential. As we faced one of the biggest challenges humankind has encountered in decades, the COVID-19 pandemic, the campaign took a greater meaning. This season it evolves into This is #UpAgain. Athletes celebrate life back on the ice, share how they stay strong and have the opportunity to thank those who supported them through tough times.

When Figure Skating athletes and fitness enthusiasts stayed in shape with the online ISU Figure Skating training sessions you can still take part in. Hosted by top coaches, choreographers and other Figure Skating professionals from a selected number of ISU Centers of Excellence, all sessions are available on the Skating ISU YouTube Channel.

Additionally, the ISU shared several #UpAgain stories which showcased how some of the world’s best Skaters beat adversity and there will be more to come. Athletes also provided tips on how to stay physically fit and active and how to maintain a healthy mind, all within the comfort of their own homes, on the ISU Social Media platforms. Much more will be coming your way, so stay tuned!


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