pdf ISU Communication 2001 18 April 2016

Disciplinary Commission Rules of Procedure

pdf ISU Communication 1993 25 February 2016

Applications for the following ISU Championships seasons 2017/18 and 2018/19

pdf ISU Communication 1924 08 January 2015

Prize Money ISU Championships

pdf ISU Communication 1853 06 March 2014

Betting and Gambling In ISU Sports

The ISU Council deemed it opportune to remind ISU Members and participants on the ISU’s position related to betting/gambling in sports.

pdf Case 2012-08, ISU Vs Kulizhnikov 13 September 2012

Full Decision of the Disciplinary Commission - Mr. Pavel Kulizhnikov

pdf ISU Communication 1758 13 September 2012

Decision of ISU Disciplinary Commission - Mr. Pavel Kulizhnikov

pdf ISU Communication 1628 21 July 2010

Declaration for competitors and officials entering ISU Events (Rule 131) (This Communication cancels and replaces ISU Communication No. 1523)