pdf ISU Communication 1893 13 August 2014

Rules of Procedure for Officials Assessment Commission - Evaluation of Judging - Assessments for the Figure Skating Branch

Implementation of ISU Communication 1893 - Figure Skating Officials Evaluation Please be informed that the preparation and approval of ISU Communication 1893 relating to the Figure Skating Officials evaluation took longer than expected. In addition, the necessary amendments to and testing of the related computer software is time consuming and is still ongoing at the time of this message. Consequently, for the Junior Grand Prix of Figure Skating series the above-mentioned Communication cannot be implemented. The Communication will be implemented only as of the first ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating event (Skate America on October 24-26, 2014). Lausanne, September 19, 2014

pdf ISU Communication 1853 06 March 2014

Betting and Gambling In ISU Sports

The ISU Council deemed it opportune to remind ISU Members and participants on the ISU’s position related to betting/gambling in sports.

pdf ISU Communication 1833 21 November 2013

SYNCHRONIZED SKATING Correction To Communication 1819 Appendix B Page 12 - Move In The Field Element

pdf ISU Communication 1628 21 July 2010

Declaration for competitors and officials entering ISU Events (Rule 131) (This Communication cancels and replaces ISU Communication No. 1523)