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The ISU Medical Commission focuses on the health and safety of the skaters.

In this regard all physicians and allied health professionals are encouraged to participate in the ISU injury surveillance program. With the injury surveillance information, collected on-line through the ISU Medical Form, injury prevention strategies for the skaters can be better assessed.

The online ISU Medical Form is to be used:

1) Together with the ISU Withdrawal Notification Form in case of in-competition withdrawal

2) In the case a Skater is withdrawn from Events for injury or illness

3) To report any injury patterns associated with skating in or out-of-competition.


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HSS Zagreb 2019

Zagreb 2019 Seminar
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HSS Milano 2018

 Milano 2018 Seminar
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■ Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport

The nutritional health of all athletes is important. Although disordered eating is more recognized and prevalent in the female athlete it is also present in male athletes and is much more complex involving multiple factors and physiological changes.

Therefore the previous Female Athlete triad defined as disordered eating, amenorrhea and osteoporosis has been changed to Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-s )in order to recognize both genders and the increasing awareness of multiple systems affected.

In order to find out more about RED-s, please refer to the IOC RED-s consensus statement : http://bjsm.bmj.com/content/48/7/491

■ Female Athlete Health

What effect does poor nutrition have on an athlete’s performance? Is exercise during pregnancy a good thing? Find answers to these, and many more questions in these stimulating and engaging, interactive modules, designed to help you understand more about how your body works, and how you can improve your performance levels and your general wellbeing.


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