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The ISU is composed of a number of bodies. Within the different bodies there are Office Holders and coordinators. There are also various Officials who have a function as mentioned in the ISU Statutes at any event organized under these same Statutes. Here is the ISU Organizational Chart following Congress 2018.

ISU Bodies
ISU Congress is made of ISU Members
ISU Council is the highest ISU body between two Congresses
ISU Disciplinary Commission
ISU Technical Committees
ISU Athletes Commission
ISU Medical Commission
ISU Development Commission
ISU Secretariat

ISU Office Holders 
ISU President
ISU Vice President Figure Skating and ISU Vice President Speed Skating
ISU Council Members
ISU Director General
ISU Directors
Members of the Disciplinary Commission
Members of the Technical Committees
Members of the Athletes Commission
ISU Legal Advisors
ISU Treasurer

ISU Representatives
ISU Technical Delegates for the Olympic Winter Games
Event Coordinators & Assistant Event Coordinators
Technical Specialists
Technical Controllers
Data & Replay Operators
Competitors Stewards

For more information please consult the ISU Constitution and General Regulations.

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