ISU Synchronized Skating Championships

The first ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships took place in 2000 in Minneapolis (USA) and is now an annual event. It attracts the most elite senior-level Synchronized Skating teams from around the world.

A Synchronized Skating team, originally known as Precision Team Skating, is composed of 16 Skaters and demands precise formations and for the team to move in one unit.

Although initially dominated by just a handful of teams and countries (Sweden, Finland, Canada, USA) the sport has grown and become more competitive and appealing to a wider range of countries.

The ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships are held since 2013 and are now part of the ISU Synchronized Skating Championships.

In 2017 the ISU Council appointed an advisory Working Group to study conditions for including Synchronized Skating in the program of the Olympic Winter Games.

The mandate of the Working Group is to investigate, strategize and gather the information required for Synchronized Skating to be accepted as an Olympic discipline.

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The International Skating Union (ISU) is pleased to announce that the International Synchronized Skating Competitions for the season 2022/23 have been published.

Jun 01, 2022

There is no „I“ in team -an age-old motto especially relevant in Synchronized Skating When coaches send a group of skaters onto the ice, they are sending out a team, not a group of individuals.

May 11, 2022

Many Synchronized Skating Alumni are known to pursue careers in the sport. Some become Technical Specialists or Judges, others focus on building awareness for the sport through NGO’s. And the third type of alumni are skaters that start coaching the next generation of  skaters. Nadine Banholzer’s passion has led her to help young and passionate skaters to fulfil their dreams.

Apr 21, 2022

Les Suprêmes of Canada claimed their first World title and the third for Canada. To the delight of the crowd, they did it on home ice at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Hamilton (CAN) Saturday.

Apr 10, 2022

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