Minsk, Belarus


This edition of the Pure as Ice witnessed a lot of interaction amongst the Skaters as they were buzzing to win the Pure as Ice goodies and also take some animated photos for their Instagram and other social media platforms. All the Skaters received the ISU interactive leaflet - P.L.A.Y (Pocket Learning Anti-Doping & You) that contained important information about Clean Sport along with some relevant FAQ’s that young athletes face on a daily basis in today’s day and age..

The ISU Pure as Ice blade covers curated by US based company NALZA was quite the rage as we saw the Skaters come back to play the quiz as only the ones who could get all the answers right could become proud owners of this sleek and pristine blade covers among other goodies like Dry bags, luggage tags, stickers, beanies, buffs, bandanas, writst bands etc.

Speed Skating discipline is one that requires a lot of grit, determination, persevearance etc. and to excel in the same takes a lot of dedicated years of practice and training and the message behind the Pure as Ice educational campaing was that there are no shortcuts to success or ‘speedy’ ways to achieve greatness other than hard work, commitment and dedication towards clean sport.

All in all the Pure as Ice campaign brought Skaters together that stems from the purpose behind Pure as Ice: to unify Skaters in solidarity for Clean Sport ,that is the #PUREASICE spirit!!

Pure As Ice   World Cup SS   Minsk 2019 18

About Pure As Ice

The main axes of CLEAN SPORT are testing, prevention and education.

Doping prevention is very important because it helps skaters to raise their awareness without putting their careers at risk. The ISU Pure as Ice Program is displayed at various ISU Events with the aim to promote Clean Sport.

Skaters and their entourage who visit the Pure As Ice booth at ISU Events get the chance to test their knowledge’s on Anti-Doping, chat with professionals and athletes, have their Pure as Ice picture taken and sign for Clean Sport.

By using the #PUREASICE hashtag, join the Pure as Ice Proud to be a Clean Skater community.