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Eunsoo Lim(KOR) JGP AUT 2017©International Skating Union(ISU) 841953230

Eunsoo Lim (KOR) at the ISU Junior Grand Prix in Salzburg (AUT) 2017©International Skating Union (ISU)

Emerging Skater Eunsoo Lim of Korea is ready to take the next step in her career. She has moved up to the senior level this season and has made a few significant changes in her life. The NHK Trophy last week in Hiroshima marked the Grand Prix debut for the 15-year-old and she’ll compete again this week in Moscow at Rostelecom Cup.

Eunsoo Lim(KOR) GP NHK 2018©International Skating Union(ISU) 1059528850

Eunsoo Lim (KOR) at the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating - NHK Trophy in Hiroshima (JPN) 2018©International Skating Union (ISU)

In Japan, Lim finished a respectable sixth in what was a strong competition. “For my short, I feel really happy for my program, because I did all elements clean,” Eunsoo said. “I was really ready and well prepared for my long program, but I crashed (on the triple Salchow). I felt it was hard to start, because I had to start right away, because I am the number one (first in the warm up group). So it is hard to fight. But it’s done. I just have to get ready for Moscow. I want to do a clean program,” she added.

Eunsoo Lim(KOR) GP NHK 2018©International Skating Union(ISU) 1059989836

Eunsoo Lim (KOR) at the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating - NHK Trophy in Hiroshima (JPN) 2018©International Skating Union (ISU)

Competing at the senior level and at the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating this season is a big step forward for Eunsoo. “This is an important season, because this is my first senior season. It is a new experience to compete with the top skaters. I was really excited to compete with all the good skaters at NHK Trophy,” she said. “It’s not just about the ladies, I also watched some men. I think junior and senior is different, it is more mature, grown up. I’m now coming to the senior level and I just try to make my skating more senior, not like a baby. I want to be a storyteller and I’m focusing on that. My goal for this season is just to skate clean programs in every competition.”

This spring the Korean Skater has moved with her mother to the Los Angeles area to train in the group of Rafael Arutunian. “I went to train with Rafael with my team members before and it is really good for me and then I decided to move to Rafael. I really like L.A. Training there is really good, because there are Nathan (Chen, USA) and Michal (Brezina, CZE) and other good skaters. It really helps to train with good skaters, it is pushing and motivating me,” Eunsoo, who is looking up to Ashley Wagner (USA) and 2018 World Champion Kaetlyn Osmond (CAN), shared. However, while Lim enjoys training in Los Angeles, she misses her dad and her little mortise dog that stayed back in Korea.

The teenager always has known what she wants. It was her decision to move to the USA for training and she usually picks the music for her programs herself. This year is no exception, Eunsoo chose music from “Chicago” for her long program, that was choreographed by former Japanese Skater Akiko Suzuki. “I thought it’s good if I do Chicago. It’s upbeat and I like the rhythm,” the 2017 Korean Champion explained. While that was an easy choice for her, it was harder to find something for the Short Program. “I had no idea for the music,” Lim admitted. “Then Yuna (Kim) recommended me two pieces of music. I asked (choreographer) Jeffrey (Buttle) and he chose the same one (that I preferred).” Buttle, the 2008 World Champion from Canada, choreographed the program set to “Somewhere in Time” by John Barry.

Korean Figure skating icon Yuna Kim is actually responsible that Eunsoo started skating. “I saw Yuna Kim and her costume was so sparkling. I was so young, I just wanted to wear that costume so I started skating. I saw her in a competition on TV. I was six or seven years old”, she recalled.

Nowadays, the 2010 Olympic Champion and 2014 Olympic silver medalist is supporting Lim. “Yuna Kim gives me some advice. Sometimes when I compete she sends me messages and sometimes when I am back in Korea, she teaches me a little,” the 15-year-old shared.

Yuna Kim(KOR) WFSC CAN 2013©Ronald Martinez GettyImages 164857914

Yuna Kim (KOR) at the ISU World Figure Skating Championships in London (CAN) 2013©Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The heritage of Kim lives on in Korea with more and more talented young Figure Skaters coming up. “There are a lot of Korean Skaters that are really good. I have my Korean Nationals and it will decide if I can do senior Worlds or Four Continents. So I have to be stronger and getting better, because I have to get my ticket for the competitions. I will prepare to be strong,” Lim concluded.

When she has time off, Eunsoo likes to bake cookies or bread and to prepare snacks. She also enjoys singing. “I like singing, but I am not really good, I am just trying. I think I would like to try to become a singer one day”, she said with a smile.

Three things Eunsoo Lim would take if sent to an isolated island:

“My skates, my phone and my dog.”

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