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The entries for the Beijing 2022 were assigned according to the result of the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2021 and the designated Qualifying Event Nebelhorn Trophy which will take place on September 22-25, 2021 in Oberstdorf (GER). The full list of entries is available in ISU Communication 2388.      

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A sculpture depicts Olympic Figure Skaters for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics at Shougang Park on December 16, 2020 in Beijing, China©Getty Images

Up to twenty-four entries for Ladies and Men, 16 for Pairs and 19 for Ice Dance were determined according to the results from the ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2021 following the rules for ISU Championships.

In order to have three spots, two entered Skaters need to achieve a maximum of 13 points. In order to get two entries, the maximum number of points is 28. If there is only one entry, the maximum number of points for two spots is 10 and the maximum number for three spots is 2.

Skaters who are in the Free Skating/Free Dance and are placed 16th and lower count with 16 points. Skaters who did not reach the Free Skating/Free Dance, get 18 points.

However, if an ISU Member has earned the necessary points for three spots or for two spots but did not have three or two Skaters qualified for the Free Skating/Free Dance, the third/second entry is not automatically attributed nor is it reserved for the respective ISU Member. They have the possibly to secure that third/second spot at the Nebelhorn Trophy. All Skaters competing in the Olympic Qualification will have an equal opportunity to earn one of the remaining spots.

If the maximum number of spots available at the World Championships are not filled up by the ISU Members competing in the Free Skating/Free Dance in Stockholm, these remaining places will be added to the ones that are available at the additional Qualifying Event.

Detailed information and the Entries/quota places earned by ISU Members/NOCs according to Rule 400 A., paragraphs 2 and 3 are now available in ISU Communication 2388.