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Podium ISU WSYSC 2022 Hamilton (CAN) 1239874855

Team Les Supremes (CAN) win gold, Team Marigold Ice Unity (FIN) silver and Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) win bronze at the 2022 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Hamilton (CAN)© ISU

Les Suprêmes (CAN) claim their first World title on home ice

Canada’s Les Supremes claimed their first ISU World medal on home ice and it was gold. Marigold Ice Unity of Finland moved up from fourth place to earn the silver, their 14th medal at the ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships. Overnight leaders Helsinki Rockettes of Finland settled for the bronze.Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) SP ISU WSYSC 2022 Hamilton (CAN) 5 ©Danielle Earl Photography

Team Les Supremes (CAN) perform during the 2022 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Hamilton, Canada.© ISU

Les Supremes stood in second place following the Short Program and turned in an excellent performance to “Four Seasons”, “The White Crow” and “Lacrimosa” that was highlighted by difficult elements and unique patterns. The Canadians collected a level four for the Pair Element (death spiral), the Move Element, Twizzles, their Group Lift as well as the No Hold Element/Step Sequence while the Intersections were graded a level three. The team from Quebec scored 154.80 points and totaled 236.31 points to move up one spot and take the gold. Les Supremes had previously competed at the ISU World Synchronized Championships 2015-2018 with their best result coming fifth in 2016 and 2018. Canada had won the World title twice before with Nexxice in 2009 and 2015.

“We felt amazing on the ice we couldn’t be more proud. We really enjoyed ourselves on the ice tonight. It was so much fun to skate, a beautiful program and we did it like we always do in practice,” team captain Laurie Desilets shared. “The program is inspired by the movie "The White Crow", about this ballet dancer who wants to be perfect, but when he realizes you enjoy it so much more, when you have fun, that's when he gets better and better. That is something that we wanted to do. It is not about being perfect, but about being us,“ she continued.

Marigold Ice Unity (FIN) FS ISU WSYSC 2022 Hamilton (CAN) 1239875585

Marigold Ice Unity (FIN) perform during the 2022 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Hamilton, Canada.© ISU

Marigold Ice Unity put out a stunning performance to “Unstoppable”, “One Last Shot” and “Trapped In Time”, impressing with innovative transitions and technical difficulty. The five-time ISU World Champions produced five level-four elements and displayed unison and speed to net 151.24 points. Overall the Finns accumulated 228.72 points.

“It was amazing. We skated for ourselves and each other and we enjoyed every second on the ice. It was perfect for us,” team captain Tessa Tamminen noted. “We put the program first and then the result. We tried our best and then we see how far it can go,” she added.

“Our program tells the story from darkness to light,” team member Amanda Laaksola explained. “It is all about fighting the hard times as a team and getting through them and enjoying being together. I think we succeeded to tell the story today.”

Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) FS ISU WSYSC 2022 Hamilton (CAN)1239875822

Helsinki Rockettes (FIN) perform during the 2022 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships in Hamilton, Canada.© ISU

Performing their avant-garde program “Digital Twin”, the Helsinki Rockettes started off well with a strong Group Lift and Twizzle Element that were rated a level four. However, two Skaters went down in the No Hold Element, which was a costly mistake. The three-time World Champions were ranked fifth in the Free Skating at 143.44 points and slipped from first to third at 226.20 points.

“The beginning was super good. I think we did exactly what we have practiced, we felt like we were skating together. And then we came to the no hold element,” team captain Nona Vihma told the press. “I didn't see what happened, but I saw something in the corner of my eye. But I think we continued to do a super good job after that as well, but it was a big mistake, since it happened in the no hold element, in the middle of the step sequence. It can happen to anyone of us and I think we have all been through it and in synchro the team is the biggest support. If it happens to someone it happens to the team and then we talk about it and go on,” she added.

Team Nexxice (CAN) performed well to “Mehcinut” by Jeremy Dutcher and were ranked third in the Free Skating, but nevertheless dropped to fourth at 224.38 points. The Haydenettes (USA) came fifth at 212.99 points while Team Miami University (USA) slipped from fifth to sixth at 204.90 points.

The Free Skating program contains a total of nine elements. The following eight elements are required: Creative Element – Lift, Group Lift Element (gliding with rotations), two different Intersection Elements, Move Element, No Hold Element, Pair Element and Twizzle Element. The teams choose additionally one of these two elements: Artistic Element - Wheel or Artistic Element - Circle. The Free Skating is 4.00 min +/ - 10 seconds in length.

Originally called Precision Skating, Synchronized Skating was introduced in the 1950s. It is a highly technical form of Figure Skating characterized by speed, precisions, unison, intricate formations, synchro elements, difficult footwork, spectacular lifts and exciting transitions. A synchronized team consists of 16 skaters (plus up to four alternates).

A total of 23 teams representing 19 ISU Members competed in the Championships. The ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships have been held since 2000 and Hamilton has hosted the event in 2015 before. The Championships were cancelled in 2020 and 2021.  

For more information, full entry lists and results please see the ISU event page and the official website. Information on Where to Watch the Championships is available here. Follow the event on social media using the hashtag: #WorldSynchro

* Following the IOC recommendation, in order to protect the integrity of ice skating competitions and for the safety of all the participants of international ice skating competitions, the ISU Council based on Article 17.1.q) i) of the ISU Constitution, agreed that with immediate effect and until further notice, no Skaters belonging to the ISU Members in Russia (Russian Skating Union and the Figure Skating Federation of Russia) and Belarus (Skating Union of Belarus) shall be invited or allowed to participate in international ice skating Competitions including ISU Championships and other ISU Events (Full Statement to be read on ISU website).