Stavanger / Norway

Canada took a second successive World Cup victory in the Men’s Team Sprint on Sunday in Stavanger. Korea grabbed gold in the Ladies Team Sprint after clinching bronze last week in Heerenveen.

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The Canadian men started with a different line-up than last week in the first leg of the World Cup, when Laurent Dubreuil, Alexandre St-Jean and Vincent de Haître took the honors.

“The team is selected based on the performances in that particular World Cup weekend,” Dubreuil explained.

That’s why Dubreuil himself, who won the second 500m race in Heerenveen last week, was left out of the line-up in Stavanger, after posting a thirteenth and a seventh place this week.

Gilmore Junio, Alex Boisvert-Lacroix and Vincent de Haître skated for Canada in Stavanger and they stopped the clock at one minute, 19.52 seconds.

Norway took silver with Bjørn Magnussen, Henrik Fagerli Rukke and Håvard Lorentzen in 1:19.84. USA’s Mitchell Whitmore, Jonathan Garcia and Joey Mantia took bronze in 1:20.58.

The Korean ladies Min Sun Kim, Hyun-Yung Kim and Seung-Hi Park stopped the clock at 1:28.09 to take gold in the absence of last week’s winners, Russia.

Norway took the Ladies’ silver in 1:28.48 with Anne Gulbrandsen, Hege Bøkko and Ida Njåtun.

The bronze medal went to Canada’s Marsha Hudey, Kaylin Irvine and Kali Christ in 1:28.85.

Full results and classifications here