Lausanne, Switzerland

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As the festive season approaches and another year draws to an end, it is an opportunity to reflect on 2019 and look to the future and what 2020 will bring.

We enjoyed many wonderful and exhilarating moments at ISU Events, witnessing athletes living their dream of being crowned champion, breaking records or their personal best or simply just competing whether it be for the first time or coming back from an injury or a break.

We believe 2020 will be another year full of excitement with the ISU Skating Awards, of hope and inspiration with the #UpAgain campaign that will put not only skating heroes, but also everyday heroes like you, the reader of this message, at center stage.

Thank you to all fans, skating community and ISU partners for their passion and love of ice skating sports. The ISU invites you all to join us in the New Year to discover what 2020 has in store across all ISU sports!

“Wishing you and yours a wonderful Holiday Season and a New Year filled with happiness, prosperity and joyous ice skating moments!” says Mr. Jan Dijkema, ISU President in his end of year message.