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The ISU Centers of Excellence (CoE) are pleased to announce that the “Keep Training!” series continues with new courses as of May 4, 2020 on Skating ISU YouTube Channel.


As part of the #UpAgain campaign launched in November 2019, the ISU CoE offered free online training sessions with top coaches, choreographers and other Figure Skating professionals and the response from athletes, coaches and the general public was overwhelmingly positive.

As of May 4, 2020, participating CoEs will be offering new training sessions and will not only invite their own students to take part but provide skaters from other CoEs the opportunity to experience new coaching styles. It will also allow skaters to connect with other athletes from around the world and to bring everyone together.

The courses include Strength, Stretching, Franky/Street Jazz Dance Class, Balance and Flexibility on Skates as well as Progressions in Different Types of Stability, that are accessible to all levels, whether amateur or high-level skater.

It is a chance to join in with the skating community and share a special Live training moment, where you will be feeling that energetic vibe, regardless of your level and geographical location. Some sessions may even include some surprise guests you will not want to miss.

It is essential for everyone to keep training, so follow the courses on Skating ISU YouTube Channel as of May 4, 2020 at 11:00 CET. You will find the full schedule below.

Join us online, stay healthy and keep fit!

ISU CoE (Figure Skating) Virtual Training Sessions:


Date & time (CET)


Hosting CoE


Hosting Coach / Professional


Name of Exercise


Equipment Required/Notes




IWIS International Training Center Bangkok

Jean-Luc duChatellier -

National team Stretching coach based at IWIS International Training Center.

Gymnast, Dancer and stretching coach serving the Sports Authority of Thailand and the Figure and Speed Skating Association of Thailand

Stretching for Performance





Ice Rink Oberstdorf

Teresa Solveig Özkaraman - Certified dance teacher

State recognized Ballet Academy Fürth and Broadway Dance Center, New York City (USA)

Franky/Street Jazz Styles Class




Ice Lab, Bergamo

Ondrej Hotarek - Renowned pair skater turned coach

Tatiana Kapustina - Figure Skating coach recognized at “Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health” in St. Petersburg

Balance and Flexibility on Skates


Skates and guards



Detroit Skating Club

Yuka Sato - World Champion 

Jeremy Abbott - US Champion

Alissa Czisny - US Champion

Kurt Browning- World Champion

Body, Awareness & Activation 


Large towel, a chair, exercise band/therapy bands and gym shoes



Beijing CoE

Gerard Lenting - Former Olympic coach in Track & Field working as a national coach.

 Progression in Different types of stability with small dumbbells


Small dumbbells or two filled water bottles



Skating School of Switzerland

Stéphane Lambiel - Two-time World Champion and 2006 Olympic Silver Medalist.

Head Coach of the school, national coach and choreographer of Switzerland.



Weights, mat

 (Subject to change)

The series will continue the following week with Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating sessions, so stay tuned!

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