Lausanne / Switzerland

The ISU Short Track Speed Skating Chief Referee received two protests during the Beijing 2022 Short Track Speed Skating events of February 7. 


  • A protest from the Korean team inquiring for the reasons for the penalty during the 1000 m semi-final of HWANG Daeheon. As announced on the video screen in the arena, the Skater got a penalty for an “illegal late pass causing contact”.   

  • A protest from the Hungarian team against the yellow card for LIU Shaolin Sandor in the 1000 m Final A. As announced on the video screen in the arena, the Skater received a yellow card for two penalties in the same race. The first penalty: “in the straight lane change from inside to out causing contact” and the second penalty was for an “arm block at the finish”.

  • Based on the ISU General Regulations, Rule 123, paragraphs 4 and 5, the Referee confirmed that the protests are being rejected. As a matter of fact, in line with the applicable field of play principles, no protests against the Officials’ decisions concerning disqualification or non-disqualification for violation of any racing rules are allowed.  

Regardless of the above-mentioned “field of play rules” the Chief Referee reviewed the incident once more with the Video Referee and stands by his final decisions.  


The Chief Referee furthermore pointed out that the Hungarian Skater LIU Shaolin Sandor was making a pass on the straight but did not manage to level on time with REN Ziwei (CHN), therefore he did not have the priority to enter the corner. For the second penalty for LIU Shaolin Sandor, the Chief Referee pointed out that this penalty was for an arm block at the finish, the arm block happened twice and therefore had to be called.