Lausanne / Switzerland

Further to the International Skating Union’s (ISU) Statement of January 30, 2024 regarding Kamila Valieva (ROC), the ISU takes the discussions within the Figure Skating community and the media with regard to the re-ranking of teams for the Olympic Winter Games (OWG) Beijing 2022 Team event very seriously.  

The ISU wishes to express its understanding and appreciation for the patience of the Skaters and ISU Member Federations involved in the Team event, together with their families, friends and fans. They have already waited two years for certainty over the final results and medal distribution. 

The opportunity to be awarded the correct medals within the special environment of an Olympic Winter Games was lost due to an Anti-Doping Rule Violation (ADRV). While all involved are determined to ensure proper recognition for the rightful medalists, we regret that moment in Beijing cannot be replicated. 

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decision announced on January 29 that the retroactive application of Kamila Valieva’s disqualification is the responsibility of the sports organization concerned, notably the ISU. The ISU has remained resolved to ensure that the applicable rules and principles as well as the CAS decision are correctly followed, and that any changes to the results were applied accordingly. 

The decision of the ISU Council with regard to the consequences to the official results of the Team event of Beijing 2022, clearly expressed in the ISU Statement of January 30, 2024, was based on a comprehensive evaluation from legal experts. This evaluation was, in turn, founded on the applicable rules and principles that are specific to this OWG Team event and is, therefore, the only decision that complies with the CAS Panel’s award.  For the sake of clarity Rule 353 para 4 in the ISU Special Regulations is not applicable in this case.

In any complex and extraordinary situation like this, the reallocation of points could negatively affect the relative team ranking, adversely impacting teams that had nothing to do with the incident in question.  Therefore, we have to abide by the rules and principles.  In light of this case, we will further clarify the rules and principles moving forward to ensure any such cases are dealt with more efficiently in the future. 

The CAS decision itself may be subject to appeal, therefore the ISU will not be discussing this matter in further detail in public at this stage. 

The ISU notes with disappointment and concern the possible circumstances in which a minor has been found to have committed a significant ADRV. The ISU is fully committed to taking any appropriate steps to ensure the protection and safeguarding of all athletes, uphold the ethical behavior of the entourage and to continue the fight for clean sport and the integrity and fairness of skating competitions.