Lausanne, Switzerland

The ISU is moving forward with the ISU Centers of Excellence initiative. Following the CoE survey, we have received a good number of expressions of interest from various bodies.

In order to lay down some key parameters of the project and work out coherent strategies for the next steps, the ISU Council has decided to establish an ISU CoE Project Group. The Project Group shall define CoE profile, its structure as well as evaluation criteria and procedures, while harmonizing it with other ISU development programs.

Under the supervision of ISU President and Vice Presidents, the ISU CoE Project Group is composed of the following members:

  • Alexander Lakernik (ISU Vice President)
  • Tron Espeli (ISU Vice President)
  • Susanna Rahkamo (Chair ISU Development Commission)
  • Jildou Gemser (Member ISU Development Commission)
  • Suwanna Silpa-Archa (Member ISU Development Commission)
  • Jenneke Bogerd (Executive Assistant to ISU President/who has worked on the ISU CoE concept from the beginning)
  • Laura Shi (Project Manager/from ISU Secretariat to provide coordination and administrative support)