Lausanne, Switzerland

The ISU Development Commission is pleased to announce the continuation of the Visiting ISU Coach initiative for 2019.

This initiative (which in 2018 was called the ‘Traveling ISU Coach initiative’) is intended to support Coaches and their education and involves an expert Coach making one or more visits to the ISU Member to advise and assist on the development of the sports discipline for which support has been requested.

A Visiting ISU Coach will be a highly educated and experienced Coach offering his/her expertise and time to travel to the applicant ISU Member’s country to provide expert support and assistance. The ISU Development Program will cover the travel expenses and the honorarium for the Visiting ISU Coach, while the ISU Member will need to provide local transport, transfers and accommodation.

The Visiting ISU Coach will initially spend between 3 and 10 days in the ISU Member’s country, depending on the needs of the individual ISU Member. The structure of follow-up support, including up to two additional visits and intermediate online contact, will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

ISU Members are invited to submit applications by May 31, 2019.

Please see ISU Communication No. 2244 for more details of the initiative and the application form.