Lausanne, Switzerland


Small Bites Series


The ISU eLearning Platform is launching a new series of online courses open to everyone and addressing all ice skating disciplines: the Small Bites Series.

This new program contains a series of courses designed to offer a quick, easy, and fun way to learn about ice skating history and facts wherever you are and whenever you have a minute ! It is also a cross-learning tool for users interested in different skating disciplines.

The three following courses are now available:

  • What’s the difference between Short Track and Long Track Speed Skating?
  • Elements Explained - 23 Figure Skating Elements and Fun Tests
  • Did you know ? - the Biellmann Spin 

More short courses will be added to the series on a regular basis, stay tuned!


Here are a few positive remarks that we received from users:

 "I found it kind of addictive, I had lots of fun learning in small bites!"

 "There were lots of interesting facts that I didn’t know about my sport and I’ve found it very productive for my learning."

 “It is a very entertaining and accessible way of learning more about skating.”


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