Lausanne, Switzerland

For the second year running, the ISU Development Commission is pleased to support the 'Road to Ice' initiative. This is an opportunity for inline Skaters and athletes with little or no experience of ice Speed Skating but who have great athletic potential and wish to train with highly skilled Coaches.

The camp will be held in:

Thialf, Heerenveen, The Netherlands on July 15-21, 2019

and will focus on both Long Track and Short Track Skating.  The goal of the camp is to encourage athletes to train together, challenge each other and promote the sport of Speed Skating and a high level of knowledge and expertise will be available to all athletes. During the camp there will be complete access to the Thialf 400m Long Track indoor Skating oval and access to the Short Track oval is also available. The 'Road to Ice' camp will conclude with the  international competition, Summer Cup.

Please follow this link to find further information: