Lausanne, Switzerland


The International Skating Union (ISU) is pleased to announce the signature of an Anti-Doping Service Agreement with the International Testing Agency (ITA) in the areas of “Long Term Storage Program” and “Whistleblowing Platform and Intelligence & Investigations Watch”.


Reveal banner 2022


With this Agreement, “REVEAL”, the ITA centralized, and highly secured whistleblowing platform is now available for the Skating Community.

Access to “REVEAL” is available through the ISU website and at ISU Events via the event mobile App.

Anyone who wants to report malpractice in the Area of Doping can log in to “REVEAL” and give information in a secure manner.

Any information submitted through this platform will be treated confidentially and be reviewed by the ITA in-house investigation experts, who will liaise with the ISU in order to carry out any relevant follow-up actions in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code.

The ISU strongly encourages anyone who detects, identifies, witnesses, knows about or has reasonable grounds to suspect anti-doping misbehaviour to report these facts via “REVEAL” in order to keep skating

ISU Members are also encouraged to add the “REVEAL” banner on their own website.

To read more about “REVEAL”, please read the ITA Press release.

For any questions, please contact the ISU at