Lausanne / Switzerland

The ISU Council met on June 2-4. 2017 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The following were among the decisions taken by the Council during the meeting:

- New Provisional ISU Member
- Full ISU Membership
- Appointment of new Medical Advisor
- ISU contributions to participating ISU Members in ISU World Championships – Prize Money for ISU Championships
Athletes Commission
- Gold Award of Merit
- Definite Allotments for 2018 ISU Championships
- Continued and/or new Provisional Allotments of 2019 ISU Championships *
- New Provisional Allotments of 2020 ISU Championships *
- ISU Figure Skating Championships 2018 and the Olympic Winter Games 2018 – Minimum Total Elements Scores
- ISU Council meetings

* Dates are subject to confirmation/change.

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