Lausanne / Switzerland

 This Communication replaces with immediate effect ISU Communication No. 1974 as a consequence of the EU Commission Decision dated December 8, 2017 and subsequent implementation discussions with the EU Commission.

Based on the powers granted to the ISU Council as per the ISU Constitution, Article 17.1.q), this Communication includes a reference to an amendment of Rule 107 paragraph 13 of the 2016 ISU General Regulations that the Council adopted with immediate effect and which will be included in the Agenda of the 2018 Congress for approval by the ISU Members.

Applications by third parties or by ISU Members that are co-organizing events with third parties must be made pursuant to this Communication and will be dealt with based on this Communication. For the avoidance of doubt, any application submitted by a third party pursuant to this Communication will be treated in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner as compared to applications submitted by ISU Members for any corresponding event on the ISU Calendar.

In the event of two or more competitions being organized on conflicting dates on the same continent, the Director General shall immediately inform the ISU Members and/or third part organizers concerned to co-ordinate the dates between them.

This Communication is also applicable to any application by third parties or ISU Members for an event with a novelty format, including those made pursuant to Rule 200 paragraph 4 Special Regulations Speed Skating or Rule 287 paragraph 4 Special Regulations Short Track Speed Skating or Rule 367 Special Regulations Single & Pair Skating and Ice Dance or Rule 857 paragraph 1 Special Regulations Synchronized Skating.

- Applications
- Solidarity Contribution
- Authorisation Procedure
- Conditions following Authorisation
- Information for Applicants
- Annex

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