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A History of the International Skating Union – Seasons 1991/92 through 201/15 was published back in 2016 on the occasion of the 2016 ISU Congress. As of today the book is also available on Amazon in a digital format and on this occasion the original “coffee table” size book is available in the ISU Shop with a 20% discount.

The ISU governs all World Championships and other international ice-sport competitions in Figure Skating, Synchronized Skating, Speed Skating and Short Track Speed Skating. Founded in 1892 by five European Members representing five different countries, the ISU now has over ninety worldwide Members. The book describes the ISU’s international origins, governance, growth (and growing pains), successes (and a few shames) from 1892 through 2015. Based largely on ISU records, it presents an inside view of the ISU.

Chapter ONE, a select summary of the first 100 years of ISU history, provides an interesting “background” for the Chapters that follow. Those Chapters: TWO (GOVERNANCE), THREE (FINANCIAL) and FOUR (INNOVATIONS) describe in-depth the dynamic, productive years 1991-2015. Chapter FIVE addresses THE FUTURE OF THE ISU. Certain Chapters are augmented by four stand-alone Supplements providing more complete information on ISU Members, Litigations, Development and The New Judging System. APPENDICES include statistics regarding ISU Congresses, Names of ISU Office Holders, Lists of ISU Members and a Table showing Delegate attendance numbers at Congresses. A beautiful color PORTFOLIO of skaters selected to represent the ISU Disciplines also is included in the book.

The new eBook offers the huge convenience of digital functions available via eReaders: portability; instant search; enlargement of text & photos; read aloud voice options; extract copying, etc...



Others may be interested in the 123-year history of an international organization – a Union - that has both survived and succeeded; a Union maintained with meager assets during its early decades by individuals from various countries with disparate languages and diverse cultures, customs and political structures. How the ISU persisted, despite serious internal conflicts, two very “hot” World Wars, one very long “cold” War, external attacks, scandals, major litigations and political pressures, is an intriguing study in peaceful international cooperation.

The book is a fascinating look at how the ISU has maintained its strength and durability through the efforts of dedicated individuals from many countries who love the dynamic and beautiful ISU skating sports. The ISU/Member family has fostered international cooperation and generated a sporting camaraderie that has enabled the ISU to persevere and prosper as a premier international sport Federation.

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