Lausanne, Switzerland

The following precautions have been implemented at all ISU Events as of January 31, 2020 and are aimed at all athletes and their entourage for the prevention of contracting the Coronavirus:


1)                  Questionnaire to be completed on arrival, including travel screening

2)                  Health checks on arrival and periodically throughout the ISU Event

3)                  Availability of tests for coronavirus on anyone with a temperature

4)                  Availability of masks for anyone who requests one or who has cold-like symptoms

5)                  Isolation room(s) to be available if necessary

6)                  Availability of hand sanitizer throughout the venue and the hotel

7)                  Gloves to be available if requested

8)                  Reinforce education regarding frequent hand washing

9)                  Reduce handshaking and close physical contact

10)              Educational sheet is included in information at the ISU Events. See attached.


Further, the ISU is in close contact with the Organizing Committees who will implement any necessary measures for the public. Additionally the ISU continues to closely monitor any new development of the evolution of the Coronavirus and will follow the recommendations provided by the World Health Organization.

For any information regarding traveling to an ISU Event, please check with the relevant authorities.

 New information will be provided should additional measures be taken.