Lausanne, Switzerland


Synchronized Skating Technical Panel Online Learning Exercises are now available on the ISU eLearning Platform.

These exercises assist ISU Members, their Technical Controllers and Technical Specialists, as a practice.  Technical Panel Officials may login to the eLearning Platform to access the online exercises as a refresher in preparation for the next competition season.

There are three sections in the Learning Exercises:

  1. Toolkitcontaining relevant resources that can answer questions of Technical Controllers and Technical Specialists
  1. Technical Panel Learning Exercise Questionnaire providing interactive and challenging approach of developing the knowledge required to fulfil the key tasks of the Technical Panel
  1. Element Identification Practice Videos – containing specifically chosen videos to maintain the skills as a Technical Specialist or Technical Controller - 2 Turn/Step Identification (ID) videos plus 4 program videos with approved answers from the Synchronized Skating Technical Committee.

The modules have been prepared by the SYS Technical Committee with the support of the ISU eLearning Project Group. Further information can be obtained on the ISU eLearning platform.

If you have any questions or experience technical difficulties, please contact: