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ISU Congress 2022 Phuket 2495

ISU 2022 Congress, Phuket, Thailand. @International Skating Union (ISU)

As one of the international sports organizations winning the 2022 IOC Carbon Action Awards, the International Skating Union (ISU) pursues its efforts to measure and reduce carbon footprint across its activities. The latest initiative took place during the 58th Ordinary ISU Congress in Phuket (THA) (June 6-10, 2022), which was organized by the Figure and Speed Skating Association of Thailand (FSAT) and certified as a Carbon Neutral Event (Green Event concept).

As the ISU’s largest corporate event, the biennial ISU Ordinary Congress gathers over 450 attendees from 90 different countries to discuss and vote upon new proposals relating to the development and promotion of ISU sports. The 2022 Congress was of particular importance as it also featured the election of the new ISU President along with other ISU Office Holder positions.

Committed to a good governance and social responsibility approach, the ISU together with the Figure and Speed Skating Association of Thailand worked this year on implementing targeted carbon reduction and offsetting mechanisms in accordance with the “Carbon Neutral” event concept. To achieve such a certification, a three-step process has been followed under the supervision of Thailand’s Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (TGO) :

1. Quantification of the pre- and post-event greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions

Collect (surveys, etc.) and estimate the amount of GHG emissions resulting from the event’s activities – either from sources within or outside the event’s scope:

  • On-site sources: fuel consumption, refrigerants, electricity generation, consumables, etc.
  • Off-site sources directly used for the event: purchased electricity, heat, cooling, etc.
  • Off-site sources not directly owned/controlled by event organizers: participants’ domestic/international travels, production/transportation of decorative materials, waste management, etc.

2. Carbon Footprint data verification by an independent third-party entity

Submission of the collected data to Thailand’s Greenhouse Gas Management Organization for preliminary checking, before the report is sent to an external third-party for final verification/validation.

3. Offsetting of estimated emissions through purchase of carbon credits

The validated amount of Carbon Footprint has been compensated by the purchase of carbon credits from Thailand's Greenhouse Gas Reduction Project named Naresuan Hydropower Project located in Nong Khaem Subdistrict, Phrom Phiram District and Phitsanulok Province, and which represents a hydropower project of Thailand's Electricity Generating Authority.

The purchase evidence was then sent to TGO, who finally authorized the registration of the ISU Congress as a “Carbon Neutral” event.