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The ISU would like to remind ISU Members and their Referees that the Referees Reappointment Learning Exercises for Figure Skating International and ISU Referees continue to be available on the ISU eLearning Platform. The Exercises are available to be completed at any time throughout the year.

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In view of the Council's decision to extend the validity of the lists of Officials for the season 2019/20 to include the season 2020/21 (ISU Communication No. 2312, ISU Communication No. 2337), the completion of the Referees Reappointment Learning Exercises after July 31, 2020 will apply to reappointment requirements for subsequent years. In other words, Referees who complete the Exercises between August 1, 2020 and July 31 2021 will have fulfilled the requirement for the 2021/22 season (Rules 411 6.a and b; 412 2.c and 4.c; 902 2.c and 4.c).

The Exercises can also be used as a refresher for Referees who are not required to fulfil the above Rules for the  2021/22 season (ISU Communication No. 2255).  For further information, please contact