Lausanne, Switzerland


In accordance with the ISU Special Regulations for Synchronized Skating 2018, Rules 901, paragraph 7 and 903, paragraph 3 - to be eligible for promotion to the qualification as “ISU Judge” for Synchronized Skating, the candidates must have passed the ISU Synchronized Skating Judges Examination. The Synchronized Skating Judges Examination will be held on the occasion of the ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2020 in:


Nottingham, Great Britain – March 12-14, 2020


Candidates for the Examination must have met all the requirements as stated in Rule 903, paragraph 3.


ISU Trial Judging, as per Rule 903 paragraph 1. c), will be conducted by the ISU Synchronized Skating Technical Committee in conjunction with the 2020 ISU World Synchronized Skating Championships to be held in:


Lake Placid, USA – April 2-4, 2020


Acting as a Trial Judge in this designated ISU Synchronized Skating competition will be considered as activity for present International Judges and Referees. Per Rule 902 paragraph 2 and 4, Rule 903 paragraph 2 and 4, Trial Judging in this competition will also count as activity for re-appointment to International Judge or Referee, ISU Judge or Referee. Those ISU Members needing to provide activity either for their present International/ISU Judges or Referees or their National Judges, may apply.

The applications must be sent to the ISU Secretariat with a copy to Mr. Philippe Maitrot, Chair of the Synchronized Skating Technical Committee, not later than January 24, 2020.


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