Seoul / Republic of Korea

The final day of the ISU World Short Track Speed Skating Championships 2016 resumed today in Seoul, Korea with both the Ladies and Men competing in the 1000m, 3,000m Super Final and Relay events. Minjeong Choi (Korea) was crowned the Lady World Short Track Speed Skating Champion, while Tianyu Han (China) earned the honors as World Short Track Speed Skating Champion on the men’ side.

Minjeong Choi finished the weekend with 66 points and one gold medal. Marianne St-Gelais (CAN) finished second overall with 63 points. Elise Christie (GBR) concludes the weekend with with 47 points. On the Men’s side, Tianyu Han (CHN) was crowned the champion by accumulating 68 points. Charles Hamelin finished in second place overall for the third time in his career with 48 points. Shaolin Sandor Liu (HUN) finished in third place overall with 41 points.

Minjeong Choi (KOR) and Charles Hamelin (CAN) claim gold in the 1000 m events

In the Ladies 1000 m event, Minjeong Choi (KOR) took the lead in the overall classification with a gold medal performance. Choi, who started the day in third place overall, took the lead in the race with six laps to go. She crossed the finish line ahead of Elise Christie (GBR). Kassandra Bradette (CAN) finished in third place. Championship leader Marianne St-Gelais (CAN) finished sixth overall, although did not qualify for the A final.

Charles Hamelin (CAN) won the Men’s 1000 m and earned his first gold medal of the weekend. Hamelin won in dominant fashion, leading all but one lap. His teammate Samuel Girard (CAN) finished in second place, to earn a silver medal. Dajing Wu earned a bronze medal, finishing ahead of Yi Ra Seo (KOR). Championship leader Shaolin Sandor Liu (HUN) finished in tenth place overall in the distance.

Suzanne Schulting (NED) and Tianyu Han (CHN) finish first the Super Final

Suzanne Schulting (NED) and Yihan Guo (CHN) were not in contention for the overall title and were therefore allowed to escape from the rest of the pack. Schulting took the win in the end, finishing ahead of Guo. Elise Christie (GBR) finished in third place, and solidified her third place overall in the championship ranking. Minjeong Choi (KOR) finished in sixth place, just behind Marianne St-Gelais (CAN). This was enough to secure the overall title for Choi.

On the Men’s side, Tianyu Han (CHN) won the Super Final, which provided him with enough points to clinch the overall championship title. Se Yeong Park (KOR) finished second while Charles Hamelin (CAN) was third. The third place finish secured Hamlin’s second place overall. Despite finishing seventh, Shaolin Sandor Liu (HUN) earned enough points to clinch third place in the overall ranking.

Relay Finals

These World championships concluded with the Relay finals. The Ladies 3000 m Relay was won by Korea, who had battled China and Canada throughout the entire race. Canada earned the silver medal while Russia earned a bronze medal. China was given a penalty in the race. Korea is crowned the Ladies World Short Track Speed Skating Relay Champion for the second consecutive year.

In the Men’s 5000 m relay final, China took the lead on the last lap to clinch the title of World Short Track Speed Skating Relay Champion. China successfully defended its title. Canada earned the silver medal while Korea earned the bronze medal. Hungary finished in fourth place.

This event concludes the 2015-16 ISU World Short Track Speed Skating season. For more information about short track speed skating events and news, visit