Changchun / China

Elizaveta Kazelina became the first female Russian World Junior Allround Champion, when she powered to the title with three distance wins in Changchun on Saturday. After two consecutive Dutch victories in the men’s tournament, Benjamin Donnelly took the title to Canada for the second time in history.

Kazelina sovereign in ladies’ tournament

Daria Kachanova (RUS), who claimed this season's 500m ISU Junior World Cup title, became the first female skater from Russia to win the junior world title in 500m since Olga Fatkulina (RUS) in Zakopane in 2009. She skated 39.09 to leave Min Jo Kim (KOR) 0.406 behind.
Kazelina came third in the 500m and laid a solid foundation for the allround title. The 19-year-old from Kirovo-Chepetsk, who already won a Team Pursuit bronze medal with Russia in the senior World Single Distance Championships last month, triumphed in the other three distances. After 39.79 in the 500m, she won the 1500m in 2:00.68, the 1000m in 1:18.30 and the 3000m in 4:15.90 to collect 161.816 points.

Chinese Mei Han grabbed allround silver on home ice with 163.931 points. She had won this season's ISU Junior World Cup title in ladies' 1500m, but had to settle for fourth place in that distance at the World Junior Championships in Changchun. Han came second in both the 500m and the 1000m to lay a foundation for her silver medal allround, which she secured with sixth place in the 3000m.
Ji Woo Park (KOR) conquered the allround bronze. After having won the last two 3000m ISU Junior World Cup races this season, including the most recent race in Changchun, she took silver in the longest distance at the World Junior Championships on Saturday. After seventh place in the 500m, fifth in the 1500m and third in the 1000m she collected 164.204 points.

Donnelly breaks Dutch streak

Benjamin Donnelly followed the footsteps of Justin Warsylewicz, who was the first Canadian World Junior Allround Champion when he beat Sven Kramer (NED) in 2004. Donnelly came third in the 500m and second in the 1500m, only to win both the 1000m and the 5000m on the final day of the allround tournament. He finished with 147.715 points.
Min Seok Kim came second with 148.193. It was his second consecutive allround silver, after he finished second behind Patrick Roest (NED) last year. The Korean won the 1500m in 1:48.46. On the first day of the tournament Christopher Fiola (CAN) won the 500m in 35.97. Marten Liiv came third in the 500m and grabbed Estonia's first medal at the World Junior Championships. He already won two Junior World Cup races this season, the 1000m in Changchun and the 500m in Baselga di Piné.
Marcel Bosker (NED) took the allround bronze with 150.028 points. The Dutchman had already won three overall Junior World Cup titles this season: the 1500m, the 3000m and the mass start.

Russia ladies and men win Team Sprint

Vladlena Rogatkina joined Daria Kachanova and Elizaveta Kazelina to win the Team Sprint event in Changchun on Saturday. Japan came second with Miku Asano, Rio Yamada and Ayano Sato. The bronze medal went to Andzelica Wojcik, Katja Ziomek and Karolina Bosiek from Poland.

Aleksander Tkatch, Viktor Mushtakov and Elizaveta Kazelina’s brother Mikhail Kazelin took the Men’s Team Sprint gold to Russia. Tingyu Gao, Tao Yang and Alemasi Kahanbai grabbed silver for China and Belarus took the bronze with Stanislav Ignatsenko, Yevgeney Bolgov and Ignat Golovatsyuk.

Korean men and Dutch ladies take Team Pursuit gold

Loes Adelgeest, Esther Kiel and Femke Markus won the ladies’ Team Pursuit when they beat China in the final pair. Korea’s Cho Won Park, Ji Wo Park and Chae Lin Um took silver and the bronze medal went to Moe Kitahara, Ayano Sato and Rio Yamada from Japan.
The Korean men triumphed in the Men’s tournament with Min Seok Kim. Hyun Min Oh and Ki Woong Park. Canada claimed silver with Benjamin Donnelly, Christopher Fiola and Tyson Langelaar. The bronze went to Chinese Alemasi Kahanbai, Yu Wu and Chuan Zhang.

Asian dominance in Mass Start

Ayano Sato (JPN) claimed the honors in the ladies Mass Start when she beat Esther Kiel (NED) and Béatrice Lamarche (CAN). In the Men’s Mass Start gold went to Korea’s Min Seok Kim. He managed to stay ahead of two Canadians, with Christopher Fiola and Benjamin Donnelly taking silver and bronze.

ISU World Junior Speed Skating Championships
Changchun, CHN – 11-13 March 2016

500m Men
1 Ignat Golovatsyuk BLR 35.72
2 Christopher Fiola CAN 35.97
3 Tao Yang CHN 36.03

1500m Men
1 Min Seok Kim KOR 1:48.46
2 Benjamin Donnelly CAN 1:48.56
3 Marcel Bosker NED 1:50.28

1000m Men
1 Benjamin Donnelly CAN 1:10.85
2 Min Seok Kim KOR 1:10.98
3 Marten Liiv EST 1:11.15

5000m Men
1 Benjamin Donnelly CAN 6:33.84
2 Min Seok Kim KOR 6:35.20
3 Chris Huizinga NED 6:36.00

Classification Men
1 Benjamin Donnelly CAN 147.715
2 Min Seok Kim KOR 148.193
3 Marcel Bosker NED 150.028

500m Ladies
1 Daria Kachanova RUS 39.09
2 Min Jo Kim KOR 39.55
3 Elizaveta Kazelina RUS 39.79

1500m Ladies
1 Elizaveta Kazelina RUS 2:00.68
2 Esther Kiel NED 2:02.24
3 Béatrice Lamarche CAN 2:02.48

1000m Ladies
1 Elizaveta Kazelina RUS 1:18.30
2 Daria Kachanova RUS 1:19.25
3 Mei Han CHN 1:19.55

3000m Ladies
1 Elizaveta Kazelina RUS 4:15.90
2 Ji Woo Park KOR 4:16.54
3 Esther Kiel NED 4:16.57

Classification Ladies
1 Elizaveta Kazelina RUS 161.816
2 Mei Han CHN 163.931
3 Jo Woo Park KOR 164.204

Mass Start Ladies
1 Ayano Sato JPN
2 Esther Kiel NED
3 Béatrice Lamarche CAN

Mass Start Men
1 Min Seok Kim KOR
2 Christopher Fiola CAN
3 Benjamin Donnelly CAN

Team Sprint Ladies
1 Vladlena Rogatkina, Daria Kachanova, Elizaveta Kazelina RUS 1:23.09
2 Miku Asano, Rio Yamada, Ayano Sato JPN 1:24.84
3 Andzelica Wojcik, Katja Ziomek, Karolina Bosiek POL 1:25.00

Team Sprint Men
1 Aleksander Tkatch, Viktor Mushtakov, Mikhail Kazelin RUS 1:23.09
2 Tingyu Gao, Tao Yang, Alemasi Kahanbai CHN 1:24.84
3 Stanislav Ignatsenko, Yevgeney Bolgov, Ignat Golovatsyuk BLR 1:25.00

Team Pursuit Ladies
1 Loes Adelgeest, Esther Kiel, Femke Markus NED 3:10.83
2 Cho Won Park, Ji Wo Park, Chae Lin Um KOR 3:12.38
3 Moe Kitahara, Ayano Sato, Rio Yamada JPN 3:13.29

Team Pursuit Men
1 Min Seok Kim, Hyun Min Oh, Ki Woong Park KOR 3:54.47
2 Benjamin Donnelly, Christopher Fiola, Tyson Langelaar CAN 3:58.29
3 Alemasi Kahanbai, Yu Wu, Chuan Zhang CHN 3:59.11