Kolomna / Russia

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Denis Yuskov (RUS) won the Race of the Kings at the ISU European Single Distance Championships on Friday. With 1 minute and 44.53 seconds, Yuskov was the only one to skate under 1:45 in the 1500m. Dutchmen Thomas Krol and Koen Verweij took silver and bronze.

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Yuskov faced Krol in the ninth pair. Marcel Bosker (NED) was the fastest man at that moment with 1:46.50.

With 23.30, Krol had the fastest opener of the field. The Dutchman started in the outer lane and put pressure on Yuskov at the first crossover. The two skaters were almost level, and after a close crossing Yuskov had more speed and kept up his pace over Krol.

The Russian went on at a staggering pace to finish in 1:43.53. Krol crossed the line in 1:45.20.

Yuskov’s training partner Koen Verweij (NED) took the ice in the final pair. Already at the 700m split, it was clear that Verweij would not be able to match Yuskov. Clocking 1:46.40 Verweij ended up taking the bronze.