Kolomna / Russia

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Both the Russian men and the Russian ladies’ took gold in the Team Sprint events at the ISU European Single Distance Championships in Kolomna on Sunday.  

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In the Men’s event Ruslan Murashov and Pavel Kuliznikov (RUS) started a little to fast for team mate Denis Yuskov, who had to take care of the final lap. Yuskov managed to pull back in time and was launched into the final lap at high pace. Yuskov skated an unmatched 25.6 second final lap to stop the clock at 1:19.38.

The Netherlands had set the second-best time in 1:19.76, but Michel Mulder, Hein Otterspeer and Koen Verweij were disqualified because of an irregular change. Otterspeer took over the lead too early when Mulder had a miss-stroke coming out of the inner corner.

Finland’s Harri Levo, Pekka Koskela and Mika Poutala stopped the clock at 1:21.19 for silver, and Poland’s Artur Nogal, Piotr Michalski and Sebastian Klosinski took bronze in 1:21.29.

Russian ladies win three horse race
Three nations started in the ladies’ Team Sprint. Russia’s Angelina Golikova, Olga Fatkulina and Elizaveta Kazelina took gold in 1:26.71.

Dutch Mayon Kuipers, Sanneke de Neeling and Letitia de Jong finished in 1:28.65 to grab silver and Norway’s Martine Ripsrud, Anne Gulbrandsen and Sofi Karoline Haugen took bronze in 1:31.88.