Zagreb / Croatia

The ISU World Junior Synchronized Skating Championships 2015 concluded in Zagreb, Croatia, on Saturday with the Free Skating. This was the second edition of the championships which are held every two years.

Team Finland 1 claims World Junior title

Team Finland 1 overtook team Finland 2 to claim their first World Junior Title. The bronze went to team Canada 1.

Team Musketeers Junior (Finland 1) put out a strong performance that included four level-four elements and scored 113.90 points. They easily overtook the overnight leaders and defending champions Team Fintastic Junior (Finland 2) with a total of 172.98 points.

Fintastic Junior started with a level-four line, but a fall in the intersection and a level one for the wheel cost them precious points. The Finns were ranked third in the Free Skating with 105.78 points and overall slipped to second at 166.73 points.

Team Les Supremes Junior (Canada 1) picked up a level four for four elements, but had three deductions for two falls and an interruption in excess. The Canadians collected 107.10 points for the Free Skating and overall remained in third place at 162.09 points.

Team Russia 2 (Crystal Ice Junior) moved up from fifth to fourth with 156.43 points and Team Canada 2 (Nexxice) pulled up from sixth to fourth (154.10) while Team United States 1 (Skyliners Junior) dropped from fourth to sixth (152.82 points).

24 teams from 19 ISU Members competed in the event in Zagreb. For more information and full results please see: and