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As one of the very few sports that combine athleticism with artistry, Figure Skating draws on a wide spectrum of musical genres.  Music and movement are the underpinnings of the five Program Components, which form the basis of this module.  Based on a seminar supported by the ISU Development Program, held in Bergamo, Italy in June 2019,  the Art of Program Components focuses on the blend of skilful use of the skating blade with innovative movements performed in musical and expressive harmony. The module provides ideas for a few training exercises created by the coach-moderators of the seminars. It is not the intent to present a full range of possibilities for teaching Program Components, but to reflect certain personal teaching methods as a reference and inspiration.

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The module has been curated by the ISU eLearning Project Group. The ISU Figure Skating and Synchronized Skating Technical Committees and ISU Program Components Working Group have provided valuable input in the process of the development of the module. In addition, the module contains additional resources addressing the criteria used to evaluate each of the Program Components developed for officials' education by the ISU Technical Committees.  The module is available now on the ISU eLearning platform ( and accessible for Skaters, Coaches and Officials.