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ISU Figure Skating CoEs continue the webinar series - Inside CoE’s in July. The second webinar will take place on July 13 in Bangkok Thailand!

Developing and keeping the community active is one of the main goals of this webinar series and the Figure Skating Centers of Excellence (CoEs) will share their knowledge and expertise. This in mind, the CoE in Bangkok, Thailand, will present the second webinar of the series to teach how to use compulsory figures as a tool for clean edges and turns. 


Figure Skating wasn’t always an exhilarating and powerfully moving sport that included jumps, spins, lifts, footwork, and artistry… the beginning of the sport cames from figures (or patterns) made on the ice.  That’s what it is called “Figure Skating”! Until recently, figures were an integral part of the sport and we are certain that they can still provide benefits to skaters today. In this webinar, we will dive into basic figures and turns that can be used to attain edge control, good posture, body alignment, and core strength while improving basic skating skills. Although figures are not practiced to the same extent today, their principles can be adapted to more dynamic exercises for use in everyday training. 

Coaches of Bangkok CoE - Chrisha Gossard & Matt MacMurdo will share their understanding  and "know-how" on figures and give the skaters and coaches tips on how to use these exercises to improve skating skills. 

This webinar will be very useful especially for Coaches and Skaters who want to work on improving their skating skills.

When: July 13 at 09:00 EDT/ 15:00 CEST / 16:00 MSK / 22:00 JST 

Where: ISU Development YouTube Channel

Join us in Bangkok CoE as we look back to figures to inform and improve our skating skills for the future!

Every CoE will host a new webinar between June and September! Save the dates below and stay tuned for further information:

Webinar 3 - Oberstdorf CoE - August 14

Webinar 4 - Detroit CoE - August 24

Webinar 5 - Champery CoE - September 9

Past Webinars:

Bergamo CoE started the series last month with the first webinar: Pair Skating Startup. Olympic skaters and International Coaches Ondrej Hotarek and Franca Bianconi showed the best practices to start a new Pair team both off and on ice. Headed by Stephane Lambiel, Skaters and Coaches from Champery CoE joined the session to try the exercises live and received feedback from the experts in Bergamo.

You can watch the webinar on-demand on the ISU Development YouTube Channel anytime!