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The ISU is launching the official online course for Level 1 of the ISU Coach Education Qualification Framework (Figure Skating) on the ISU eLearning Platform. The first edition of the course will be open for two groups of 25 Figure Skating Coaches each (in total 50 Coaches) to be enrolled from different ISU Members between October 25 and December 13, 2021.

The ISU Coach Education Qualification Framework is a multi-level tool for ISU Members that are interested in providing educational sessions or building a national Coach education pathway for their Coaches. It has been designed to provide a standardized structure for the education of Coaches that can be used as a reference and guide by ISU Members establishing a Coach education program for Figure Skating, Short Track, and Speed Skating.

This course intends to give ISU Members a first understanding of what the ISU Coach Education Qualification Framework will provide so that they can decide in what way they could incorporate it into their Coach training programs. This course is a demonstration of how a Level 1 course could be structured. The ISU will not grant any type of certification to Coaches who participate in the course, but a badge of completion will be given to students and ISU Members may consider this training as part of their Coach education programs.

ISU Members that are interested in adopting the ISU Coach Education Qualification Framework courses as part of their Coaches education and training portfolios can get specific guidance and resources from the ISU for implementing the different levels of the Framework in their own countries.

A pilot version of the Figure Skating Level 1 course was conducted in June 2021 with a group of 25 Coaches from 9 different countries who shared the following feedbacks:

"I feel the course as a whole was a great success and I definitely learnt a lot. It definitely makes you change your way of looking at coaching."

"This course really showed me that I am on the right track of becoming a great coach. It helped me to get back to the basics of how to teach the fundamentals to new skaters and to really be able to break down each element into simpler forms."

"This course is a great way for the grassroots coach to learn but also to network, which I think is so important in our work as coaches."

"I think all coaches all over the world should have the chance to take this course as I think no matter how many years of experience, it's always great to go back to basics.The facilitators were" 

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For further details read the full pdf ISU Communicaiton 2433 .