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ISU Figure Skating Centers of Excellence (CoE) continue the webinar series - Inside CoE's: The fourth webinar will take place on August 24, 2021 in Detroit, USA.

Detroit CoE presents how to practice alone with  World and International Champions - Yuka Sato, Kurt Browning, and Alissa Czisny on August 24 on the ISU Development Youtube Channel.

Sato Kurt Alissa

Webinar 4 - Detroit CoE: Taking Ownership of Your Training, How to Practice Alone

The global pandemic has caught many people in isolation around the world. For Skaters and Coaches, training and practicing require to be adapted to cope with the isolation and distance from each other. Practice alone has become the norm and an important element for the non-disruptive development of a Skater. It takes time to develop this skill, as independent training needs to be learned and practiced.

In this webinar, Directors of the Detroit Skating Club ISU Center of Excellence, Serguei Zaitsev and Jerod Swallow, will share their experience and tips for planning an independent training session as Skaters. They will be joined by special guests Yuka Sato, Kurt Browning, and Alissa Czisny, who will discuss the topic based on their experience as World and International Champions.

Join the World Champions and learn how you can practice efficiently alone! 

When: August 24 at 11:00 EDT/ 17:00 CEST / 18:00 MSK / 00:00 JST (August 25) 

Where: ISU Development YouTube Channel

Every CoE will host a new webinar until September! Save the date below and stay tuned for further information about the last webinar of the series:

Webinar 5 - Champéry CoE - September 9, 2021

Past Webinars:

Webinar 1: Bergamo CoE - Pair Skating Startup

Olympic Skaters and International Coaches Ondrej Hotarek and Franca Bianconi showed the best practices to start a new Pair team both off and on ice. Headed by Stephane Lambiel, Skaters and Coaches from Champery CoE joined the session to try the exercises live and received feedback from the experts in Bergamo.

Webinar 2: Bangkok CoE - Improving Edges through Compulsory Figures 

Coaches of Bangkok CoE - Chrisha Gossard & Matt MacMurdo have shared their understanding and "know-how" on figures and gave the Skaters and Coaches tips on how to use these exercises to improve skating skills.

Webinar 3: Oberstdorft CoE - How to Start a New Ice Dance Couple

Dedicated to young Skaters and Coaches who are thinking about trying out Ice Dance or starting a new Ice Dance couple, Oberstdorf CoE offers their insight to make the adventure easier and full of fun.